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HIIT 24 by Steph Pacca

4 Weeks of workouts that change every week

Full body focus

Track your progress through the Aflete App

Emphasis on trimming down your waist

MY training style – if you like my progress, it’s the one for you!


Only AUD 19.99 / USD 14.99 / GBP 11.99 / EUR 12.99

31 Days Sugar Free by Steph Pacca

What Is this?

31 days of ZERO refined sugar diet while following a 31 day structured meal plan designed by me! 

This is essentially the beginning of a complete detox – to reduce body fat & shred the kg’s fast!

There are thousands of things can affect our health and the way our bodies looks, however sugar in the form of fructose is one most detrimental to our health both short-term and long-term!

You would get recipes, timetable guide what to eat from Monday TO Sunday, shopping list, supplement list and much more information!!

Take the 31 days sugar-free challenge today!


Only AUD 67.99 / USD 49.99 / GBP 38.99 / EUR 46.99



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Steph Pacca – Personal Trainer & Health Enthusiast

Steph Pacca is a Personal Trainer from the northern suburbs of Perth, WA.

Specializing in fat loss, lean muscle definition and sculpting the body’s natural curves through many exciting and challenging forms of training. Steph loves to incorporate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as well as Plyometrics and weights to her sessions to really push you beyond your own expectations.

Steph believes that results speak for themselves; and has a very strong commitment to her client’s health and well being. Steph has experienced many realms of the fitness industry, including a years practical work in a Wellness Clinic training client’s of all ages (up to 98 years old) whilst completing her third year of study in Exercise Physiology.

With 5 years training in Competitive Boxing, 7 years of State level Athletics and current years in Personal Training, Steph is confident in her abilities to design & deliver thoroughly effective and enjoyable training sessions that will leave you with a new outlook on your fitness journey.